Saturday Night Live

It’s almost the weekend! And since we’re still in the pandemic phase, we can’t go out and party yet. But, we can still have our own home banquet and watch Saturday Night Live. This late-night comedy show still captures its viewers even after 46 years. Several people outside the States are itching to stream its episodes, unfortunately, it isn’t available in their current location. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. We got you.

Watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) is part of the American routine. For almost five decades, the comedy show is still so relevant that even people from different parts of the globe became curious as to why such a late-night TV show can garner high viewership ratings.

These same people also got hooked on SNL. As of current statistics, SNL is part of the Top 20 most talked about American TV programs worldwide. Most of its international audience are from Asia, especially from countries where English is the population’s secondary language.

At present, SNL is streaming on NBC TV and Hulu. Unfortunately, these streaming platforms are unavailable in the Asia Pacific region. This is why viewers from that area have no choice but to illegally download SNL’s episodes via peer-to-peer networks.

Although the said method is the easiest, some audiences can’t do it as torrenting is illegal in their current locations. If caught, they would have to pay a huge fine or even be sentenced for prison.

Fret not. You can still have your weekend late-night fix. Curious? Continue reading to know how.

Install a VPN and have a good laugh

With a VPN or Virtual Private Network, you surely won’t miss any SNL episodes. A VPN will help you conceal your online information and activities. This way, you can download and watch Saturday Night Live without getting caught by cyber third parties.

What the VPN does is organize a secure connection between your device and the internet. With this, your data will be routed through the VPN’s encrypted virtual tunnel which results in anonymity.

This software tool could be beneficial to online users but research is still needed before installing one as VPNs aren’t equally made.

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Choose GoingVPN to watch Saturday Night Live

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GoingVPN also aids you to avoid experiencing lags or buffers while on the web. Its built-in lightning-speed technology will counter the negative effects of data encryption, making it easy and enjoyable for you to watch SNL.

Not to mention, this free VPN app gives out unlimited data bandwidth for you to be protected on the web anytime. With its non-expiring data, you may even leave it switched ‘on’ for as long as you like.

Sounds amazing, right? Experience all of these with a free VPN app.

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